Wii Sports

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gameplay: 8.5
Unreal! Wii Sports is a one-of-a-kind collection that literally draws every player into the experience. You don’t press a button and fool with a timing mechanism to bowl – you actually bowl. You hold the remote upright, pull it back, and release the ball as you approach the lane. Likewise, you aren’t swinging thumbsticks to golf and hit homeruns. Sure, that’s fun, and it was innovative for a while. But now, with the Wii remote in your hands, you’re swinging a controller to perform these moves. The result isn’t merely a different kind of experience – it’s a more realistic one.

Graphics: 6
These graphics are nowhere near what the Wii can accomplish. That said, they are effective in this scenario. I wouldn’t want to see them repeated, but as a fun freebie that’s packed in with every Wii, and as a game that’s as responsive to our motions as this is, who can complain? As Nintendo constantly reminds us, they’re only graphics. Gameplay comes first.
Sound: 7Simple, generic tunes that are strangely fitting to this game’s simplistic graphics and environments.

Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Wii Sports was designed to be a game anyone can play. Golf is the most challenging – Tennis is the most basic. All five have their ups and downs. You won’t become a master of any of them overnight.

Concept: 8
The idea of Wii Sports is simple: five games that re-create the experience of a real-world sport. The innovation comes from how accurately each sport is represented. Tennis is the least effective of the bunch, but Golf, Baseball, Bowling and Boxing are extremely impressive.

The best mainstream party game collection ever made. Wii Sports provides immediate novelty fun for everyone. Bring this game to your holiday gatherings, grab four Wii remotes (if you can find ‘em – they’re selling out quick), and watch as your friends and relatives pile in front of the TV to check out and hopefully play what is the beginning of the next generation of sports games.

Overall: 8.5Mario. Tetris. Mario World. Wii Sports. These are the four games Nintendo has chosen to include with four of their game consoles. In terms of sales and longevity, Wii Sports won’t do for Nintendo Wii what Mario did for the NES. Wii Sports won’t be played by as many people as Tetris. It is, however, a killer, innovative showpiece that will draw in anyone who witnesses all that it can do. Sure, it lacks goals and can be beaten very quickly. But the ultra-responsive technology and high multiplayer replay value are far greater than any other party or sports game collection. Excite Truck is good, but this is the one that should’ve been packed in Wii kiosks all over the country

Thanks to http://wii.gamezone.com/gzreviews/r29662.htm for this information.